December 28, 29, 30 ~ 9:30-10:45 am


Priscilla Williams.jpeg

Priscilla Williams

Kuzzo (Ages 12-14)

People have a lot of fake friends and followers on social media but still feel lonely. Come grab the keys to deep, meaningful, real-life friendships. #BFF #Amigo #Bestie

Matthew Quainoo

Matthew Quainoo.jpg

Jesus Is King (Ages 15-18)

How Faith Comes and Goes By What We Like, Share & Heart (♥️).

This conference is for high schoolers who are allergic to being fake! Period. It’s real talk from: Kanye West‘s conversion to Colin Kaepernick kneeling to the church of Beyoncé - where is Jesus in the age of social media and pop culture? Would Jesus have a Snapchat? Is God okay if I inhale if I feel like I’m in hell? #Vaping This is real talk for high schoolers! 

Young Adults

Kayla Hamlett.jpg

Kayla Hamlett

Kingdom Business

This conference will discuss ways young adults can take their skills, talents, and passions and use them for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. 

Youth Leaders

Bishop Gideon A. Thompsonjpg.jpg

Bishop Gideon Thompson

Prayer that Moves Ministries

The kind of prayer that moves mountains will also move your ministry to the next level. Come learn how to wage war and impact your youth in ways that programming and pizza parties cannot.



Felecia Pearson-Smith


It is time to mature as Christians. We will explore the why and how of being emotionally and spiritually healthy.  “You can’t be spiritually mature without being emotionally mature.” -Peter Scazzero 


Keli Reese.jpeg

Keli Reese

MOMent of Truth

This conference will explore topics specifically related to being a Mom: “Prioritizing: Living a Balanced Life;” “Mom Guilt: See It. Feel It. Conquer It;” and “Mighty Warriors: Raising Children in the Word.” 


(Presented by the National Men's Ministry)

Baron Mashack.JPG

Baron Mashack

It's Every Man's Battle

We are all in the same boat. Whether it's in the past or present, we are familiar with the struggle of being sexually pure. If you are a man and have never struggled in this area or don't know anyone else who has struggled in this area, this conference isn't for you. This will be a NO JUDGMENT ZONE, brutally honest and blunt, with no beating around the bush! So if you think you can handle it...join us for Every Man's Battle!

Open to Everyone

Joscelyn Clarke.jpg

Joscelyn Clarke

Called to Create Con't

This conference picks up where it left off last year. In the beginning God created, making what no one else had ever imagined. Now days, the Lord continues His innovative work through creatives. This class is for artists, illustrators, writers, hair stylist, fashion and interior designers who honor God and impact people through their work. Come see what it’s like when you are called and created to do something special. 

December 27, 28, 29 ~ 9:30-10:45 pm


Leo Robinso II

Leo Robinson II.JPG

In Yo Feelings

It’s time to expose the enemy’s attack on the Teenager’s Mind. There has been a sudden rise of teens having emotional and mental wars. This conference will creatively explore highly sensitive topics that are usually avoided or overlooked in our communities and our churches. There is an agenda to destroy our youth from the inside out. Let’s turn the light on and equip this generation to fight back!

Young Adults

Matthew Quainoo.jpg

Matthew Quainoo

They Say This Is A Big Rich Town: Money, Marriage & My Mission

This conference is for the folk who couldn’t wait to be grown but now they are #Adulting and wish they were young again, because your master’s is your master #StudentLoans, you are trying to hold on to or grab a hold of a REALationship in a world of situationships, and you wish for the day that you will be enjoying and not enduring your job! #YoungAdultLife

Youth Leaders

Michael Thigpen.jpg

Michael Thigpen

Live For It But Don't Die For It! 

In this session, we will discuss how to partner with parents effectively, and most importantly, the Holy Spirit, so YOU don't become weary in this vital Kingdom work. 


Kerwin 4.jpg

Kerwin Manning

Church Hurt

The church should be a place where hurts are healed and brokenness is bandaged, but sometimes Christians are the ones who cause the hurt and brokenness. This session shows how to heal from church hurt and avoid wounding others for whom Christ died. 

Open to Everyone

Monte Dillard.jpeg

Monte Dillard


The questions are swirling. The challenges are endless. The information seems convincing. But what is the truth about African American’s relationship with Jesus, the Bible & Christianity?

Special Conferences

Clergy Roundtable | December 28 ~ 3:30-5:00 pm

(Presented by the Let's Network)

1 Bishop2_edited.jpg

Taught By Bishop Timothy J. Clarke & Hosted By Dr. Cheryl Sanders 

Ministry in an Urban Context

Come listen, discuss and ask questions about the intricacies of ministering in today's cities.


Youth/Young Adult Visioning Forum | December 29 ~ 3:30-5:00 pm


Hosted by the Empowerment Generation Development Corp & NACOG

Vision 2020 & Beyond

What dreams do you have for the National Association of the Church of God?  Come share your thoughts with a variety of stakeholders.


Young Women's Meet & Greet | December 29 ~ 2:00-3:00 pm

(Presented by the NAWCG)  


Joyce Terry

A Pleasure to Meet You

Young ladies age 16-25 year old are invited to come meet the National Association Women of the Church of God staff, find out what the ministry has to offer and how you can contribute to its success.