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National Inspirational Youth Convention


Who We Are

The National Inspirational Youth Convention is an annual Christian youth conference that ministers to hundreds of people who worship, learn, and fellowship together. It is affiliated with both the Church of God, headquartered in Anderson, Indiana and the National Association of the Church of God, headquartered in West Middlesex, PA.


From its inception, the convention has moved from state to state, convening between Christmas and New Year’s Day. The first president, Gabriel Dixon, held the initial convention in Chicago, IL in 1938.

For over 75 years, the gathering has successfully attracted youth groups and families, won people to the Lord, and developed new leaders. According to the convention's 13th president, Dr. Diana Swoope, the convention has met continuously since 1938, with the only exception being, "two years during World War II due to travel restrictions imposed by the government."1

During the 2016 Centennial Celebration of National Association of the Church of God, the history of the convention was highlighted in this video. More historical information on the convention can be readily obtained from Dr. James Earl Massey’s book African Americans and the Church of God.

What We Aim To Do : G.R.O.W

GROW: in Gifts and talents.

GROW: in Relationship with Christ, myself and others.

GROW: in my Obedience to God and His Word.

GROW: in Worship and Witness.

1 Swoope, Diana Cook. Shout Jubilee! 50 Years Touching the Lives of Youth, A History of the National Inspirational Youth Convention of the National Association of the Church of God." Privately Printed, 1990.
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